Type E Solution®

Non-corrosive plane bearings that retrofit tapered roller bearings with zero grease! Zero rust!

EDT Type-E

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EDT Type E bearings retrofit tapered roller bearings in locations where there is high radial load at low to moderate speeds. They are ideal retrofits for tapered roller bearings in locations that are prone to corrosion or where food safety is a concern.

EDT Type E Solution® bearings dimensionally interchange many brands of mounted tapered roller bearings. The split Type E Solution® series directly retrofits RPB mounted roller bearings in configurations:

Type E Solution® bearings are available in stainless steel or EDT ‘KG’ polymer housing. Advantages are:

EDT Type E Solution® bearing assemblies directly interchange with spherical- and tapered-roller bearing assemblies by many manufacturers. However, the individual components: stainless or KG polymer housing, Poly-Sphere® insert, locking sleeve are exclusive to EDT components.