Poly-Round® Solution®

The Industry's Most Versatile Bearing

EDT Poly-Round Bearings

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Poly-Round® Solution® mounted bearings are EDT Poly-Round® bearings in EDT Solution® bearing housings.

EDT Solution® bearing housings are manufactured in a wide variety of styles, and sizes from 203-ring size (1/2” inserts) to 218 ring size (3-7/16” inserts) and special configurations that directly retrofit bearing housings by many manufacturers. The Solution® trademark assures you that housings of stainless steel or our exclusive KG polymer are made with smooth surfaces, minimal crevices, designed for maximum clean-ability. USDA AcceptedMaterials are non-corrosive and
non-contaminating. Solution® housings have USDA-acceptance.

QuiKlean® Solution® housings interchange with standard bearing housings (use the same bolt pattern) and include a 5/8” integral standoff which improves sanitation by allowing more surfaces to be washed down.

Poly-Round® bearings are made from any of a variety of bearing-grade polymers (select material based on the application requirements) that can be used in place of ball bearings. They are particularly well suited to locations where ball bearings are difficult to maintain.