Poly-Round® Inserts

Poly-Round Insert


Different styles of Poly-Round® bearings are available for different kinds of locations where plane bearings are well suited:
Poly-Round® • Poly-Round® Plus • Narrow Poly-Round® • Freezer Poly-Round® • Oven Poly-Round® • Poly-Round® ER • Split Poly-Round® • Poly-Sphere®

Poly-Round Inserts
Plane bearings operate with area contact on a journal, so the surface finish of the journal (the “shaft”) directly impacts the longevity of the bearing. The better the surface finish of the journal, the longer the bearing will operate. To control the quality of the journal and increase the life of Poly-Round® plane bearings, EDT offers locking sleeves. Locking sleeves cover and protect the original shaft (or repair damaged shaft) to provide a tough, smooth journal. Locking sleeves are available in different styles for different applications:

KleanCap® DoubleLock® sleeves

Double Flange DoubleLock(r) Sleeves
Double Flange DoubleLock® Sleeves

Split Locking Sleeves

Setscrew Locking Sleeve

Set Screw Locking Sleeve

Poly-Round® bearings dimensionally interchange with self-aligning bearing inserts. In appropriate locations, they can be used in place of UC ball bearing inserts

Poly-round® bearings in EDT Solution® bearing housings are called Poly-Round® Solution® bearings.