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EDT believes that it is part of a larger community
and has a responsibility to participate in and protect that community.
To that end EDT is involved in the following activities:

Earth-friendly programs
• Eliminates solvents in favor of more earth friendly cleaning products
• Uses water based machine tool coolants in place of oil based coolants
• Recycles shredded office paper products and all incoming
packing materials as packing for outbound product shipments
• Recycles cans, bottles, paper goods, cardboard, metal turning and
milling waste, solid metal ends waste, electronics,
office machines and carbide tooling
• Donates items which are no longer productive EDT assets to the
Salvation Army Stores, Habitat for Humanity Restores, Goodwill Industries,
or the Community Warehouse
• Installed and continues to use water saving duel flush toilets
and energy saving timer light switches
• Installed energy saving digital ballasts
to replace magnetic fluorescent tube light fixtures
• Installed and utilizes programmable thermostats for all office
and manufacturing areas to control space energy costs
• Replaced all high pressure sodium high bay lights with fluorescent arrays

Education is a cornerstone of EDT culture with a commitment to fully educate employees so that they, in turn are better able to educate our customers in the product and services offered by EDT.

Employee Continuing Education is company sponsored whether it is
an addition to college education, application classes and seminars,
on-line trade organization classes, or local vendor classes. This extends to
trade show visits and classes offered at those shows. EDT facilitates
monthly Sales Team Meetings to address new customer issues, new products, updated sales techniques, and share success stories and best practices. In addition, EDT sponsors twice per year corporate sales conferences and training programs to reinforce product knowledge and sales and service techniques.

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