All-Round® Solution®

Stainless All-Round® bearings in stainless housings are greaseless, non-corrosive and low maintenance

EDT All-Round Solution

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All-Round Insert
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All-Round® bearings are plane bearings that are made of high performance bearing-grade polymer materials in combination with stainless steel. The polymer material incorporates lubricity, allowing the grease-less bearing operation. The stainless outer ring helps to dissipate heat, making the All-Round® an excellent choice when the heat of operation will benefit from lower ambient temperature, essentially lowering the pv.

All-Round® Solution® bearings are mounted bearings that directly interchange industry-standard mounted bearings by most manufacturers.
  • Grease-less
  • Non-rusting
  • Non-contaminating
  • Low maintenance
  • Predictable bearing life

EDT Solution® bearing housings are manufactured in a wide variety of styles, and sizes from 203-ring size (1/2” inserts) to 218 ring size (3-7/16” inserts) and special configurations that directly retrofit bearing housings by many manufacturers. The Solution® trademark assures you that housings of stainless steel or our exclusive KG polymer are made with smooth surfaces, minimal crevices, designed for maximum clean-ability.