Type-E Bearings

EDT Corp specializes in bearings for severe service environments.

A bearing is a sacrificial part that supports a moving load. Severe service environments are ones in which a condition of the environment or application contributes to a premature failure of the bearing. 


A change to EDT bearings in the right application can avoid frustration and lost productivity that may occur with bearings that are not as well suited to the conditions. In many cases, the failure of the bearing is a result of a failure of the lubricant. Many EDT bearings are grease-less. Where grease cannot be avoided, EDT has alternatives that may be more resilient to the environment than traditional bearings.

Poly-Round Plus
Poly-Round® Plus


EDT Bearings Brochure 2013
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EDT offers

  • Products that are sanitary, cleanable, non-contaminating
    grease-free bearings
  • Many EDT products have USDA-acceptance, NSF-acceptance
  • 35 years of experience manufacturing and service of bearings
    for extreme environments 
  • Targeted application solutions savings documented in Costs of Ownership    
  • Manufacturing in Vancouver, Washington, USA
  • High level of technical and sales support customized Solutions® for bearing issues